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Monday, December 19, 2005

In A Shell

In A Shell

About My LIfe Inside Prison Walls

Never Ever Dreamt that Jail would tear me apart,
Wishing for solitude & silence that can't be

Reading & writing to fill the hole in my heart
Wishing for tears not yet shed...
Sometimes I believe I'd be better off dead.

Life in the Slammer...

Be you bold, smart, frightened, scared with feet like lead
There is no place to hide, no where to run, no people to see...

All I have is me, tired sad & blue.

Partied til dawn
and then caught off guard

Now here in prison,
even the fight in me is gone.

Me in a shell, a cell, 4 walls & a door
Locked in, tired, worried, lonely & bored

This is my life, and not much more.

Copyright ©2005 Linda King

After Feb. 2006 - write to me at: Linda King (#328142) 201 Main Street, Niantic CT 06753 - Be sure to include the number in parathesis.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Going To Prison In Feb. 2006

After my sentencing, I won't have any access to a computer. So I am looking for people willing to be my pen-pal, my friend, my confidante.

I love to read, to write, to draw, and to listen to country music, My sense of humor is bit off the wall, and I generally laugh when no one else does. A little bit of sarcasm, some St. Peter Jokes mixed in with a few politically incorrect cartoons or jokes.

I am attractive... but weigh about 40 lbs more then the picture shows... I am a country girl at heart, and would love to move back down south when released...

I enjoy camping, hiking, picnics, dinner parties, christmas parties, baking for the holidays... I love kids, but was not fortunate enough to have one of my own - that is my real one regret...

Do I Regret Coming To Prison You Wonder?

Well, that would mean I regret getting caught... and the answer to that is NO. It put life in perspective... I was living a life built on the excitement of not getting caught... and that is a fantasy.

Of Course You Want To Know What I Did To Get Me Put In Jail?

Well first off I am an addict who is in recovery but relapsed... I was on probation for larceny 4 - misuse of credit cards - using them, but not ever paying for them and that charge got me a one year suspended sentence after 3 years of probation... well ask any addict - and they will tell you a long-probation is just a set-up for a fall or in my case a relapse... and my lowly relapse got my po officer on my ass... and therefore - re-arrested.. Then the day my PO showed up at my house, that particular day - I was smoking crack - and he caught me red-handed. was I mad about that? Hell yeah I was... He had never come to house in 2 years... what was he doing there that day?

But I guess since rehabs don't really work, except for those who turn their addictions to drugs, sex, money, into addiction for meetings... Jail is the only way I can get clean... and they have a program in the prison for addicts so maybe that will work... I can hope.

So if you are interested in writing to someone who will be incarerated for at least 1 year - write me here first... then when I know I will be sentenced... I will let you know...